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The DAQRI Augmented Reality Patent Portfolio Offered For Sale or License

Feb 5, 2020, 16:39 PM by Mike Ermitage

Hilco Streambank and Rock Creek Advisors are Marketing a Portfolio Featuring 175+ Patents

Hilco Streambank, a market leading advisory firm specializing in the sale of intellectual property assets and domain name brokerage, and Rock Creek Advisors, LLC, an advisory firm, with extensive expertise in turnarounds, financial advisory and liquidations, are marketing for sale the patent portfolio and certain related assets of a leader in professional grade augmented reality (“AR”) hardware and software technology. The seller will entertain offers to acquire or license all or a subset of the patent portfolio.

DAQRI built a name in the AR space by developing and delivering professional-grade augmented reality solutions to its 120+ corporate clients across many markets and industries. DAQRI’s portfolio of patents, which represent a full suite of AR technology elements, has been commercialized through its two primary product lines: the head-worn hardware (DAQRI Smart Glasses®) and the software platform (DAQRI Worksense®). Together, the two technologies linked digital content to the real world to accelerate productivity, communication, and key business processes.

“DAQRI developed a portfolio of patented technology that served as the foundation for the creation and commercialization of world-class AR solutions for a wide range of business and logistics obstacles,” remarked Jim Gansman, Managing Director of Rock Creek Advisors. He added, “Controlling this portfolio has the potential to put a buyer at the top of the AR industry and provides an unmatched opportunity to expand the technology into adjacent high innovation areas.”

The applications for DAQRI’s technology are far reaching with massive potential outside of augmented reality. Hilco Streambank CEO, Gabe Fried, commented “Applications for the various portions of the portfolio include AR glasses in the industrial space and extend to autonomous vehicles, gaming, artificial intelligence, consumer electronics, digital content creation, 3D digital mapping and more.”

Offers to acquire all or a portion of the assets are due by March 31, 2020.

Parties interested in the patent portfolio or learning more about the sale process should CLICK HERE or contact Hilco Streambank or Rock Creek Advisors directly using the contact information provided below.

Gabe Fried
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Richelle Kalnit
Senior Vice President
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Ben Kaplan

Jim Gansman
Managing Director
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Heidi Lipton
Vice President

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