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Several Premium .NYC (dot-nyc) Domain Names Are For Sale

Jan 30, 2019, 09:35 AM by Mike Ermitage

Hilco Streambank Hired as Exclusive Broker to Market Multiple .NYC (dot-nyc) Domain Names

Hilco Streambank, a leading advisory firm specializing in the sale of intellectual property assets, is marketing for sale multiple premium domain names ending in “.NYC” (dot-nyc), including nightclub.nyc, concerttickets.nyc, apartmentlistings.nyc, carpark.nyc, sublets.nyc and hoteldeals.nyc.

A .NYC (dot-nyc) web address represents the attitude, mindset, and behavior possessed by New Yorkers.  It offers a unique opportunity to brand the owner’s online identity and showcases the valuable New York City location.  The premium domain names offered for sale provide companies with the chance to brand themselves utilizing the imprimatur of the biggest city in the U.S. According to Hilco Streambank Associate Ben Kaplan, “The .NYC (dot-nyc) domain name opportunity can help any business or brand stand out from the crowded “.COM” (dot-com) space. It is a great way to showcase your New York City pride.”

Parties interested in the domain name or learning more about the sale process should CLICK HERE or contact Hilco Streambank directly using the contact information provided below.

Richelle Kalnit

Senior Vice President



Ben Kaplan




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