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Hilco Global Adds Three Executives to Asia-Pacific Team

Jan 12, 2018, 10:06 AM by Mike Ermitage

As Hilco Global continues to grow and expand around the world, it is making new additions to its executive team. These new additions will be working in the Asia-Pacific region.   Mr. Cheng Qun will serve as Executive Vice President for Hilco Industrial – China;  Mr. Kyung Ho Song will serve as Vice President of Hilco Industrial in South Korea.  And, Mr. Alexius Pek will serve as Business Development Manager for Hilco Industrial in Singapore. 

  • Cheng Qun will serve as Executive Vice President of Hilco Industrial China.   Qun is experienced in the trade of machinery & equipment and metals sectors and has a deep understanding of the ferrous & non- ferrous metal opportunities.  Qun joins Hilco Global most recently from First Connecticut International Co., Ltd. Avon, Conn., a company he founded in 1993.  First Connecticut International has successfully purchased and/or brokered millions of dollars of used machinery and equipment from the U.S. and Europe to South Korea and China.  Prior to founding his own company, in the early 1990s Qun served as Sales Director of the Pacific/Asia area at Gavlick Machinery, a Bristol, Conn. based company.  While at Gavlick Machinery, Qun successfully expanded the business practice into used heavy-duty machinery such as rolling mills, extrusion presses and made sales to Asian countries.  Qun began his career in 1983 as a Project Manager at Toyo Menka Kaisha, LTD. In China, where he helped to expand the company’s business into heavy machinery and equipment sales totaling more than $200 million US dollars within six years.  During his tenure at the company he successfully made sales in China, South Korea and Japan, then later expanded into Europe and the U.S.  In 1983 Cheng Quen graduated with a Bachelor in Economics from Beijing United University, Beijing, China.   He went on to get his MBA in International Business at J & W University in Providence in 1991. 

  • Kyung Ho Song, joins the Hilco Industrial team as VP of Business Development in South Korea.  Mr. Kyung Ho Song brings his unique experience and skill set to the Hilco team in Korea.  Song is a retired military veteran, having served more than 30 after graduating from the Korea Military Academy in 1982.  During his distinguished military career, Kyung Ho Song served with distinction as a United Nations Peace Keeping Observer; a Mechanized battalion Commander (1996-1999); the Korea Division G-3/ Chief of Staff, Civil military Brigade in Iraq (2004); the 76th Mechanized Brigade Commander (2006); the ROK/US Combined Forces Command, Chief planner (2007-2008); the UNIFIL ROK Commander, Lebanon (2009) ; the Director, PKO center, Korea National Defense University (2010-2011).   He retired in 2012 and joined a trading and logistics company where he served as Vice President and CMO from 2012 to 2015.  He then became the Non-Executive Director for a Korean based Logistics company in Korea where he has been working until joining Hilco Global this month.  Song has a Bachelors in Statistics from the Korea Military Academy.  He is a decorated officer with awards from Korean Government, the US Military and the United Nations. 

  • Alexius Pek joins the Hilco Industrial team as Business Development Manager in Singapore.   Pek is an experienced Account Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the oil & energy industry. Over the years, he has successfully negotiated millions of dollars of deals in the gas, petroleum and valves sectors.   Pek joins Hilco Global with a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) focused in Business, Management, Marketing, and Related Support Services from University of London.

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