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Hilco Industrial Manages Asset Sale for Magna Powertrain Roto Form Division

Oct 26, 2017, 10:49 AM by Karen Bubrowski

(NORTHBROOK, Ill, October 26, 2017) -- Hilco Industrial announced today that it will be selling surplus equipment for Magna Powertrain, a leading global automotive supplier. This sale is a result of the closure of the company’s Roto Form division in Toronto. This location produces automotive parts such as a/c clutch rotors, sheet metal, steel & aluminum pulleys, and torsional vibration dampers/isolators.

Hilco Industrial will host a live, onsite and webcast auction on Tuesday, November 28th beginning at 10 AM ET. The assets can be inspected at 175 Claireville Drive, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M9W 6K9 on November 27th from 8 AM to 5 PM ET or earlier by appointment.

Assets for sale include:

Straight-Side Presses

  • 1200-Ton Blow SC2-1200-144-54
  • 800-Ton Blow SC2-800-144-54
  • 600-Ton Blow SC2-600-96-48 (2-Available)
  • 500-Ton Niagara BP2-500-120-60
  • 400-Ton Blow SC2-400-96-48
  • 400-Ton Benelli P2M-400-2P

Gap Frame Presses

  • (7) Aida Gap Presses Up to 275 Ton

To arrange an inspection, access detailed information and photos of the assets, or specific information about the sales process, visit https://www.hilcoind.com/sale/rotoform or contact: John Sharpe, Managing Director: info@hilcoind.com  +1 416.252.1955

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