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Hilco Global Announces Formation of Hilco Corporate Finance, LLC

Oct 25, 2016, 16:58 PM by User Not Found

New licensed broker dealer to deliver corporate advisory services including Buy-side and Sell-side Representation, Debt & Equity Capital Raises, and Strategic Advisory Services

Northbrook, IL (October 25, 2016) -    Jeffrey B. Hecktman, Chairman and CEO of Hilco Global, announced today the formation of Hilco Corporate Finance, LLC.  This new operating company will provide professional, strategic, and financial advisory services associated with selling a business or exiting a portfolio company, divesting a subsidiary or division, or completing a merger or acquisition transaction.  Hilco Corporate Finance will also provide guidance for companies new to the capital markets, assist in finding additional capital sources, and facilitate capital structure improvement.  The leadership team of the new operating company has experience with hundreds of prior engagements, helping clients prepare for strategic initiatives such as: recapitalization, debt restructuring, business expansion, liquidity creation, sale of a business, ownership succession, and management transition.

Hilco Corporate Finance will be managed by Jason R. Frank as its Chief Executive Officer.  Mr. Frank joined Hilco in 2007. A specialist in investment banking, strategy, and corporate finance with extensive corporate mergers and acquisitions experience, Frank has significant expertise in assessing going concern enterprise and intellectual property values. He has assisted hundreds of companies in finding equity and debt financing for growth, leveraged buyouts, and various other refinance purposes.

“This is an important strategic decision for Hilco Global to expand our advisory capabilities and offer investment banking services to our customers.  This is a natural extension of our existing financial services platform.”, said Hecktman.

Hilco Corporate Finance will focus on small and middle-market companies headquartered in North America, as well as larger companies wishing to acquire, merge or divest divisions.  Hilco Corporate Finance prefers transactions ranging from $20 million to $250 million, but will consider transactions outside of this range.  The company is industry agnostic, but has significant experience in retail, consumer products, manufacturing, healthcare, business and professional services, financial services, automotive, energy, and technology.

Hilco Corporate Finance will assist clients to identify, evaluate, select, and pursue those strategic options which are best for its clients.  The company will draw upon a platform of services provided by the broader Hilco Global organization that identify the intrinsic value in business assets and help monetize that value.  These services include asset and enterprise valuations, strategic purchase and disposition of inventory, real estate, machinery & equipment, receivables, and intellectual property, as well as specialty financings and investments.

Jason Frank commented, “I have been in the investment banking world for many years.  I can say with certainty the Hilco Corporate Finance brings an entirely new dimension to corporate advisory services.  Hilco Corporate Finance seeks to go beyond that which is offered by traditional firms to create additional value and liquidity for clients through specific expertise provided by the Hilco Global platform.”

Contact information is as follows:

Jason R. Frank

Chief Executive Officer

Hilco Corporate Finance, LLC

5 Revere Drive, Suite 300

Northbrook, IL 60062

Phone: 847-504-3263

Fax: 847-897-0892

Mobile: 312-636-0674



ABOUT US:  Hilco Corporate Finance LLC is a registered broker/dealer with the Securities and Exchange Commission and a member of FINRA and SIPC.  Hilco Global is an independent and diversified financial services company with a strong track record of maximizing the value of assets for both healthy and distressed companies.  Hilco Global is comprised of twenty specialized business unit’s that work to help companies understand the value of their assets and then monetize that value.  Hilco Global has a excellent track record of delivering successful results by aligning interests with clients and providing them strategic insight, advice, and, in many instances, the capital required to complete the deal.  



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