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Hilco Acetec's Ildefonso Acevedo is Featured in Leading Mexican Newspaper Reforma

Sep 16, 2015, 14:53 PM by User Not Found
Ildefonso Acevedo is recognized in a financial article from Mexico's leading newspaper, Reforma

Hilco Acetec CEO Ildefonso Acevedo was featured in the Financial section of leading Mexican newspaper Reforma in a satirical cartoon commending the enormous success he has had. Read the full translation beneath the picture.



The comment next to Ildefonso's picture says, "Ildefonso Acevedo, this Captain finds buyers for everything. He leads Hilco Acetec, a firm that has a 35% market share for auction sales of unproductive assets from other Companies. His clients are Cemex, Pepsico, BBVA Bancomer, CFE, Pemex and in the last 12 months sold  auctions around $20 million dollars in US of assets."

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