ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe
Duisburg-Hüttenheim, Germany



ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe decided to close their Heavy Plate Mill at their Duisburg-Hüttenheim works, after they tried to sell the business as a going concern. Hilco negotiated the purchase of the Heavy Plate Mill facility for around 8 months and in February 2022 signed a contract to purchase and remove the Machinery & Equipment. We started with scrapping the Furnaces, which contained Asbestos.


Medium and large CNC Machine Tools;
CNC Vert. Turning Lathes, CNC Horiz, Boring Mills, CNC Vert. Bedtype Milling Machines and
CNC Lathes.


After an extensive marketing campaign, many Steel Rolling Mills inspected the equipment. Most of them were interested in a few items, but a few were interested to purchase the complete Heavy Plate Mill. We managed to sell the complete Rolling Mill facility, without 3 furnaces, which contained asbestos to a Steel Maker from Asia. Dismantling has started and it will take approx. 14-15 months to dismantle, pack and load all equipment with our own Project Team supervising the safe operations on site.


Selling the Mill in such a short time was a great success and it shows our marketing and sales capability.


We can only do these jobs in a successful and safe way, using our own Project Management, including a designated Health & Safety Inspector.