Ford Transmission Plant Bordeaux- Blanquefort, France



In 2010, Ford announced they would cease production of their 5-speed automatic gearbox, to be replaced by their latest 6-speed automatic dual-clutch system. This would involve upgrading the factory buildings and replacing approx. 80% of the existing manufacturing machinery with new state-of-the-art machines.


In December 2011, we submitted a complete ‘Turnkey’ solution to clear the facility, adhering to all of Fords requirements to ensure that the transition to the new gearbox line would proceed as planned.


Ford awarded the project to Hilco in February 2012. In March and June we conducted two successful online auctions of machinery whilst simultaneously removing the specific production lines with DDM, our dedicated dismantling and demolition contractors who would also disconnect and remove the assets sold from auction. Following the auctions sales, the production areas were returned to Ford in advance of the strict deadlines. Not only was the machinery removed, but also all mechanical, electrical services and redundant steel structures from floor to truss level. At the end of the project approx. 13.000 tons of scrap was removed with an average workforce of 25 people during an 11 months period.


As a result of our strategic partnership, we combined extensive industry knowledge, unrivalled project resources and targeted global marketing campaigns which resulted in two very successful online sales achieving higher than expected realizations, selling over 200 machines to buyers from all over the world. Ford has been complimentary of our approach, professionalism and execution in regards to all aspects of the project.