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Hilco Global Delivers Steel and Aluminum Tariff Impact Report on Heels of U.S. / China Trade Discussions in Osaka, Japan

Jul 11, 2019, 09:59 AM by Mike Ermitage

Hilco Global has issued a timely and relevant perspective on the evolution and detailed impacts of continuing Section 232 tariff actions on the U.S. Steel & Aluminum  Industries.  

The Evolving Story of Steel & Aluminum Tariffs authored by Michael Sullivan, Vice President of the Metals and Mining Valuation Group at Hilco Valuation Services, looks at the many issues facing the metals industry today, through an objective and historically-relevant exploration of the events and market forces that have contributed to the current market.  

The report explores the goods and countries that have been most impacted by the tariff actions, which parties have benefitted most, why previous trade sanctions were largely ineffective and the issue of potential circumvention complicity.

“We look at markets through a series of lenses that enable us to assess the valuation of business inventories at a specific point in time,” says Sullivan. “In the metals industry, as in others, we have amassed a great depth of historical knowledge and trend data that not only helps inform our evaluations but also affords us great insight into how these markets have evolved and where they may be heading.”

To obtain a copy of the report or schedule an interview with Michael Sullivan, contact Gary Epstein- Chief Marketing Officer, Hilco Global at 847-418-2712.

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