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Hilco Industrial to Auction Forging & Machining Equipment from Jorgensen Forge

Nov 14, 2018, 14:07 PM by Mike Ermitage

Hilco Industrial, in partnership with Perfection Industrial Sales, have announced today that its joint venture group will conduct two auctions to sell the machinery & equipment of Jorgensen Forge. A live, onsite and webcast auction will be held on December 4 (9:00 am PT) and will feature the major manufacturing equipment. The second sale will be an online only auction of support equipment and will run from December 4 through December 11.

The forging & machining operation features: (4) open die forging presses up to 5000-ton, (2) late-model Glama forging manipulators, a full heat treat facility, ring rolling & expanding, (2) Tacchi large-capacity deep hole boring lathes, (19) large-capacity trepan/hollow boring and engine lathes, vertical boring mills, and horizontal band saws. There is also rolling stock, material handling equipment, heavy-capacity overhead cranes and facility support assets. A large inventory of ingots and billets, as well as electrical wire, transformers and scrap metal are available for purchase through separate privately negotiated sales.

The online auction will feature over 500 lots of support equipment from the facility, including: test and measurement, maintenance shops, woodworking equipment, motors, bearings and spare parts, bridge cranes, and more. This timed, online only auction will open December 4 and close December 11.

Jorgensen Forge was a fully integrated open die forging facility primarily serving the aircraft, aerospace, oil and gas, marine, defense, power generation, nuclear, and general industrial markets. To meet the demands of these various industries, the company offered versatile forging and machining operations, heat treating, and efficient manufacturing processes.

The equipment can be inspected on Monday, December 3, between 8 am and 4 pm PT, or by special appointment at 8531 E Marginal Way S, Seattle, Washington. Complete details about both auctions and lot catalogs of the equipment are available at https://www.hilcoind.com/sale/jorgensen.

Contact Mark Reynolds at mreynolds@hilcoglobal.com or +1 205.403.5942 for more information on the machinery and equipment and the sales process.

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