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Hilco Streambank Hired as Exclusive Broker to Market the Excel.com Domain Name

Sep 18, 2018, 11:47 AM by Amanda Koziarski

Hilco Streambank, a market leading advisory firm specializing in the sale of intellectual property assets, is marketing for sale the Excel.com premium domain name. Hilco Streambank has set an initial offer deadline of October 18, 2018 and set a minimum opening bid amount of $500,000.   

Excel.com, first registered in 1998, has been historically used to provide VoIP connectivity services across major U.S. metropolitan markets. According to Hilco Streambank EVP, Jack Hazan, “the Excel.com domain name presents a rare and unique opportunity to own a highly brandable and powerful one-word domain.  Hilco Streambank adds Excel.com to its long list of high-value domains sold on behalf of numerous clients, including 800.com, vanity.com, dots.com, DL.com, coolpoints.com, and undercurrent.com, among others.”

Parties interested in the domain name or learning more about the sale process should CLICK HERE or contact Hilco Streambank directly using the contact information provided below.

Richelle Kalnit

Senior Vice President



Jack Hazan

Executive Vice President



Dmitriy Chemlin





About Hilco Streambank: Hilco Streambank is a market leading advisory firm specializing in intellectual property disposition and valuation. Having completed numerous transactions including sales in publicly reported Chapter 11 bankruptcy cases, private transactions, and online sales through IPv4Auctions.com, Hilco Streambank has established itself as the premier intermediary in the consumer brand, internet and telecom communities. Hilco Streambank is part of Northbrook, Illinois based Hilco Global, the world’s leading authority on maximizing the value of business assets by delivering valuation, monetization and advisory solutions to an international marketplace. Hilco Global operates more than twenty specialized business units offering services that include asset valuation and appraisal, retail and industrial inventory acquisition and disposition, real estate and strategic capital equity investments.

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