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Hilco Streambank launches eCommerce store for PowerBilt Golf

Jul 12, 2018, 14:53 PM by Nick Ryan

PowerBilt Golf

At the beginning of summer 2018, Hilco Streambank launched the PowerBilt eCommerce store at PowerBilt.com. Along with the website comes a revived social media presence that has reengaged and ignited the interest of loyal PowerBilt golfers. The site features a range of products and accessories, as well as single clubs and complete sets for men, women and juniors. This new online presence has created an effective sales channel and an avenue to ensure excellent customer service.

The PowerBilt Story

PowerBilt logo

Hilco Streambank acquired the PowerBilt brand in 2016. Previously owned by Hillerich & Bradsby, which famously owned the Louisville Slugger bat brand, PowerBilt is a golf brand with a rich history. The brand has been synonymous with excellence and performance since 1916, quickly earning a place at the top of the golf world and establishing a consistent presence on the PGA tour. PowerBilt clubs have been used on the professional level to win 8 major championships and over 140 total tour victories.

tour winners graphic

In just two years, Hilco Streambank has tripled licensing revenue and re-engaged licensees, reinvigorating the brand. Hilco Streambank is actively growing the versatility and reach of the PowerBilt trademark by adding new regional licensees and expanding to include soft goods/apparel, and into areas outside of golf such as fitness and performance apparel and equipment. In addition, Hilco Streambank is working to make PowerBilt a household name and to make the game of golf more accessible with options for all skill sets and age groups, while continuing to build upon and enrich the brand’s storied history.

Currently, PowerBilt is a worldwide brand with 8 licensees on 6 continents, covering the US, Canada, Argentina, Europe, South Africa, South Korea, Australia, and New Zealand, among others.

PowerBilt Licensee Map

Visit PowerBilt.com to view available products.

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