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Hilco Streambank IPv4 Pool Open for Intraregional Transfer in AFRINIC Region

May 4, 2018, 11:41 AM by Nick Ryan

Recently Implemented IPv4 Resources Transfer Policy Provides African Organizations With the Ability to Acquire IPv4 Addresses

NEW YORK, April 24, 2018 -- Hilco Streambank (​www.hilcostreambank.com​) the operator of IPv4Auctions.com as well as a global IPv4 brokerage platform, announces today that recent policy changes will now allow the company to provide IPv4 resources throughout the African Network Information Centre (AFRINIC) region. As a result of the new policy, many African organizations in need of additional IPv4 addresses will gain access to Hilco Streambank’s resource pool via intraregional transfer.

On February 22, 2018, AFRINIC announced that it had officially implemented the policy, “IPv4 Resources Transfer Within the AFRINIC Service Region.” This new policy is outlined within AFRINIC’s Consolidated Policy Manual (CPM). Section 5.7 of the CPM reads: “Like the other Regional Internet Registries, AFRINIC will soon exhaust its IPv4 pool. In order to meet the needs of late resource requestors, a transfer policy for IPv4 resources within the region is needed. The goal of this policy is to define conditions under which transfers must occur. The policy solves the issue of an African organization needing IPv4 number resources after the exhaustion of the AFRINIC IPv4 pool or when AFRINIC can no longer satisfy the needs of such an organization.”

Hilco Streambank’s IPv4auctions.com provides an easy-to-use platform for companies to buy or sell IP address blocks of all sizes in all regions. The site offers real-time market data such as going rates for IP addresses, comparable sale pricing, and information on how to check and manage IPv4 address blocks more effectively. Hilco Streambank is also an intermediary for privately negotiated transactions of larger address blocks ranging from /16s to entire class A offerings. The company uses its expertise in Regional Internet Registry (RIR) rules and regulations to facilitate transfers within North America (ARIN), the Asia Pacific region (APNIC) and Europe (RIPE), as well as between ARIN and APNIC.

As a result of the new AFRINIC policy, IPv4auctions.com now becomes an invaluable resource for African organizations needing additional IPv4 addresses. Hilco Streambank is prepared to follow all seller requirements to remain compliant with AFRINIC’s recent policy changes, including RIR membership, registration rights, pre-transfer wait period, and post-transfer wait period as outlined in the conditions on the source of transfer. “As a member of the AFRINIC RIR, we look forward to enabling regional organizations to acquire the IPv4 resources they require,” says Gabe Fried, Chief Executive Officer, Hilco Streambank. “We will also continue to work with community stakeholders to address resource shortages and other future concerns that may arise by leveraging our IPv4 transfer market expertise. It has been a pleasure to work alongside AFRINIC members thus far and we look forward to continuing on this path toward widespread IPv4 resource availability.”

To learn more about Hilco Streambank, visit ​www,hilcostreambank.com​. For more information about how to buy, sell or acquire custom IPv4 addresses, visit ​www.IPv4auctions.com​, or go directly to ​www.IPv4.global​ for easy access.

About Hilco Streambank

Hilco Streambank is a market leading advisory firm specializing in intellectual property disposition and valuation. Hilco Streambank has completed numerous sell-side transactions, including sales in publicly reported Chapter 11 bankruptcy cases, private transactions, and online sales through HilcoDomains.com and IPv4Auctions.com. Hilco Streambank is part of Northbrook, Illinois-based Hilco Global (​www.hilcoglobal.com​), a worldwide financial services company and leader in helping companies maximize the value of their assets.

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