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Uniqlo On Track for Canadian Debut

Jun 16, 2016, 16:47 PM by Amelia Thorne
President of HRC Advisory, Farla Efros, is mentioned in an article published by Retail Insider in regards to Uniqlo's expansion into Canada.

"Farla Efros, President of leading retail consultancy HRC Advisory, thinks that Uniqlo will be a big success in Canada. She described Uniqlo as being "fun, relevant and uplifting", praising its product quality as well as its overall shopping experience and pricing strategy. She explained how Uniqlo's value proposition fills a void in the retail landscape by bridging the gap between upscale boutiques and fast-fashion, describing the brand positioning as being distinct, with its brand values being "ageless and gender-neutral". At a time when mid-priced retailers in Canada are being 'squeezed', Uniqlo's fashion-forward, quality, price and newness will resonate not only with teens/tweens/Millennials/Generation Z, but also with modern working women and men seeking staple fashions at reasonable price points, she said." 

Read full article from Retail Insider here.  

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