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Auriga Measurement Systems selling remaining company assets

Apr 15, 2015, 16:09 PM by Ben Kaplan
Learn more about the sale of Auriga Microwave's assets by Hilco Streambank.

Hilco Streambank has been retained as the exclusive agent for purposes of marketing and selling the intellectual property portfolio (the “Assets”) of Auriga Measurement Systems, LLC (the “Company”). The Company recently ceased operations and is in the process of selling off its assets.

The Assets include patents, patent applications, SBIR rights, considerable technical design, testing and measurement data, prototype devices, and proof of concept models.

These Assets relate to technology in Radio Frequency (RF) power amplifiers (PA), LNA (Low Noise Amplifiers), high-power switches, and several other categories, described below. Upon execution of a confidentiality agreement interested parties will be admitted to an online data room to view further diligence information.

To get all the details on the assets for sale, visit the Auriga assets for sale page here.

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Source: Microwave Journal

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