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Why The Declining Canadian Dollar is Putting Increased Pressure on the profitability of Many Canadian Retailers

Mar 11, 2015, 07:58 AM by Ben Kaplan
HRC Advisory's Antony Karabus shares his thoughts on how the decline of the Canadian Dollar will affect the retail industry in Canada.

The declining strength of the Canadian Dollar continues to have adverse effects on the Canadian economy, especially in the retail industry. Industry expert and HRC Advisory CEO Antony Karabus tells Retail Insider that "the combined effect of these factors will be significant for many retailers who are already struggling to retain their market share." With only so much of the market share to go around, Karabus suggests that retailers who cater to less price-sensitive customers and have strong brands with differentiated value propositions can endure these obstacles with little to no impact on bottom dollar.

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Source: Retail Insider

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