Roderick Huber

Roderick Huber

Vice President

For half a decade, Roderik has been structuring complex industrial asset acquisitions involving stressed, distressed and insolvent companies in Europe. Roderik has the expertise to quickly assess a situation, formulate a comprehensive set of strategic alternatives, and work to quickly implement the solution best positioned to maximize short- and long-term stakeholder value.

In his role as VP, Acquisitions, Roderik is primarily responsible for sourcing and structuring distressed and non-distressed transactions in Europe and Asia that involve the investment of capital by Hilco.

Roderik joined Hilco in 2014 when a joint venture was created between CBI and Hilco to be better positioned to execute opportunities in Europe and Asia.  Prior thereto, Roderik was employed by a boutique investment bank Kempen & Co in Amsterdam, primarily selling and trading in Benelux equities.

Roderik was a member of the Dutch field hockey team between 2009 and 2011.